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The largest photographic archive for the history of Florence
Custodians of instants since 1924
The Foto Locchi mission is and always has been to keep alive the Archivio’s exceptional heritage and the immense iconographic wealth it represents, and to make it available to the public, that it may become not only an avant-garde tool but also a point of reference and a source of inspiration for companies, professionals, scholars and students, and aficionados of photography and history.
For almost a hundred years now, we have been capturing precious moments on film: inspiration moves us, technique helps us along. And then we store each image, well aware that each represents an unrepeatable moment, historic or simply of human interest, in our splendid city of Florence, a city through which history has rolled, and with it cinema, sports, politics, and – all things considered – the whole of humanity.
The Archivio Foto Locchi is not a static “thing”; rather, it is more similar to a living organism, which grows and evolves day after day thanks to new photos, new acquisitions, and rediscoveries.
And this is the other side of the ambitious Foto Locchi mission: not just to archive images, but to become a repository of the historical memory of Florence and its region, Tuscany. A mission that lives and thrives thanks to the contributions of many. We hope that the users of our images will join us in fulfilling our mission, by telling us something more about each photograph.
Each in his or her own way can contribute, with a historical note, or by revealing a secret, recounting an anecdote, or simply identifying a grandparent, a friend, or a familiar place in a shot.
For this reason, users can – and indeed are invited to – comment on each image they come across during their researches. Contribute to the “Memory Archive”: your contributions are invaluable additions to our shared iconographic inheritance.

Do you have information, memories, or anecdotes you would like to publish?

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