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Legal notes on the Archivio Foto Locchi Databank

* The photographic images displayed on the website are taken from the Archivio Storico Foto Locchi owned and operated by Foto Locchi S.r.l., founded in Florence in 1924, and other archives acquired by Foto Locchi S.r.l. over time.

* Each image is protected under pertinent authors' rights or similar laws, as provided by Law no. 633/1941 as modified and amended.

* A substantial number of the photographic images contained in the Archivio have been suitably selected and systematically organized (and are currently being digitized) to make up a Databank. The Databank is distinguished by creative effort deriving from the original criteria applied for selecting the images for inclusion and the specially-developed criteria adopted for their arrangement and coordination in order to ensure the accessibility of the images (which may be accessed by traditional procedures or via specially designed and implemented computer-based procedures).

* Consequently, the Databank of the Archivio Storico Foto Locchi photographic collection enjoys intellectual property protection as an original creative work ex Arts. 64-quinquies and -sexies of Law no. 633/1941 concerning authors' rights, which reserves all rights of economic exploitation (as well as moral rights) in the work exclusively to FotoLocchi srl, who created the Databank with their own human and material resources. In detail, Foto Locchi S.r.l. holds the sole and exclusive right to make (or authorize) permanent or temporary reproduction, in whole or in part, by whatever means and in whatever form, of the above-mentioned Databank and/or the single photographic images of which it is composed (Art. 64-quinquies § 1.a of the above-cited law) and, by § 1.c of the same law, the exclusive right of distribution in all the above-mentioned images (understood as putting said images up for sale or placing them in circulation, or in any case making them available to the public, by whatever means and for whatever reason, for compensation or free of charge).

* Without prejudice to the above-mentioned protection under the authors' rights law, Foto Locchi S.r.l. also has the faculty (under Arts. 102-bis and -ter of Title II-bis of the above-cited law) to prohibit any operation involving extraction and/or reuse by third parties (and/or parties not authorized by Foto Locchi S.r.l.) of the images making up the Databank. Said prohibition applies, respectively, to: - extraction of images and their transfer to other supports, traditional or computer-based, by any means and/or in any form; - making the above-mentioned images so extracted available to the public via distribution of copies and/or transmission by any means and/or in any form.

* In accordance with and to all effects of Art 171-bis § 2 of the Italian law governing authors' rights (Law no. 633/1941), infringement of Foto Locchi S.r.l.'s above-cited exclusive rights is punishable by imprisonment from six months to three years and a fine of € 2,582.28 to € 15,493.68. Infringement of the authors' rights mentioned in Art. 171-ter § 2 of the above-cited law is also punishable, by imprisonment from one to four years and by fine in the amounts mentioned above.

* In addition to the above-mentioned criminal law sanctions, Foto Locchi S.r.l. will take all required legal action and avail themselves of all civil remedies, including request for compensation for damages, to protect their interests in case of infringement of their rights in the Databank and/or in the single photographic images of which it is composed.